Mindfulness & Meditation


Mindfulness and meditation training teaches people mindfulness, meditation and mindset practices to cultivate more clarity, calm, compassion and connection. Mindfulness training is being used in elite sporting teams, defense forces, schools and leadership. Our self - awareness and emotional - agility connects directly to performance, well-being and relationships.

Common reasons for mindfulness coaching

  • Building a healthy relationship to stress and anxiety

  • Higher quality relationships and decision making,

  • Increased focus and productivity,

  • Greater self awareness and equanimity

  • Improved communication

  • Increased recovery and renewal

We work with people to develop mindfulness, mindset and meditation practices and provide resources and tools based on your needs and lifestyle.


For more information on Mindfulness Training

E mail:  luke@lukemclean.net

Call: 0425 827 529

Mindfulness Coaching is available face to face and online