People create culture and culture creates people. Culture is about experiences that form beliefs which influence action and outcome. Culture is less about what is written on the wall and more about everyday language, actions and relationships; what you accept is what you stand for.

I work with with leadership teams and business owners to establish and shape team cultures based on commitment and engagement to improve performance, retention and well being. As a culture consultant I work with leaders to create a clear value based cultural narrative and develop practices, behaviors and skills that consciously grow connections and relationship that foster safety, openness and care as the foundation for performance.

Current clients I’m working with in regards to culture include

Brae Restaurant: Brae is Australia’s premiere Restaurant and regularly ranked in the top Restaurants in the world. Brae’s forward thinking and commitment to culture has allowed me to work with owners, leaders and teams to build connections, resilience and support Brae in continuing to build their world class culture.

Factorie: Factorie is retailer based in Australia and RSA. I have worked with Factorie to create cultural clarity and work with leaders to develop practices, behaviors, language and rituals that speak and support key values and commitment Factorie want to be about. Factorie is as much about the style and energy in which people feel safe, clear and energized to give their best effort each day.

Culture is deeply unique and their is no one size fits all. If you would like to set up a call or more information regarding culture.

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