Leadership Coaching

I support leader to unpack and unlock the real why. Leadership is highly reactive, often stressful and you rarely create the space for self reflection & self inquiry. Coaching involves using mindfulness and meditation practices create the calm and space to bring real clarity to look deeper and at things through a different lens, to connect with your heart and feelings as to what is really missing or needed. By creating this mental and emotional space, the path to action or acceptance becomes clearer.

Leadership Coaching is often used to gain clarity and improve

·         Well - being

·         Decision making

·         Self - Awareness

·         Mindset / Self - Talk

·         Resilience

·         Relationships

Coaching combines traditional life coaching, mindfulness practices and energy intelligence to help unlock your inner wisdom, through self reflection and self inquiry to what matter most. From clarity and self understanding the path to action opens up.

Coaching relationships vary depending on your need; please call or e mail for more information or to discuss further..

Coaching starts $80 per session

 E mail:  luke@lukemclean.net

Call: 0425 827 529

Coaching is available face to face & online